who am i

I deal with animals since I was a child. I was born in the midst of chickens, turkeys and cats. I use to spend the whole day to defend the kittens of the male cat , who came to kill them to put the pregnant cat. I used to play with the turkey instead of going on the street to play with other children. then for Christmas they have killed him and I cried for three days. was my first give up eating animals. Turkey: No more '! I was 5 years.

later on, the time  I went to school, I brought home all the stray dogs when  the dog catchers were coming to catch them. I had not  only once the house infested with fleas . I remind those who do not know that I was born and raised in Bucharest (Romania). the city 'of stray dogs. I spent my whole life in Romania to rescue dogs and cats,  I caught hepatitis "A" rummaging in the garbage to find food for them, I was 10. after this "unexpected" My mom decided to send me for Christmas holidays in the country, to do a bit of healthy life. Well, it was there that I witnessed the killing of a poor pig, who managed to escape with a knife stuck in his throat, and ran like crazy to the yard, splashing blood everywhere. Needless to say, I never ate pork again...

I went to live behind the slaughterhouse in Bucharest when I was 19. the screams of the animals killed, those who waited their turn, the smell, the sight of the trucks left under the sun or  at cold ,full of animals in appalling conditions ,that they made me stop eating animals of any kind.

Then I arrived in Italy, where I thought the world was more 'civilized. but, unfortunately, the whole world is the same. here they neglect dogs, cats, cows, pigs, chickens, etc. too. abandon the animals , as anywhere in the world.

I worked for years in kennels. I had "the opportunity" to see firsthand the indifference of humanity, their thirst for money and power at any cost! horrible! wars between  associations, volunteers. the competition for power, where the animals do not cont anymore. rather they only lose. My own friends have made me shit saying, but you thin you are the best? I've never been in competition with anyone. I have always tried to do my part as well as possible, and also do the part of the persons who forgot to do theirs

well who knows me knows how many nights I've spent in capturing colonies of cats to sterilize them, or have clean litters or floors at home ( many of the dogs  i keep have spent many years in kennels and not "make" it  out, they feel more  safe at home ...).

and I never complained, I never said NO to anyone when he called me at 2 am for a dog. or any other animal. and only those who know me well know what kind of life I do for 15 years. no holidays, no nothing, all my money goes into food for animals, veterinary medicine, I do not buy clothes, do not go out, do not go to the movies ... I do not even the TV. I do not want it.

i'm on FB since a year and a half , how do you think that i can not promote veganism when I see what is around me? on internet but also in everyday life. when I go to the supermarket and see people's shopping, it makes me want to scream!! carts full of meat, cold cuts, cheese, milk, eggs, products tested on animals. there is nothing where the animals have not suffered. I know that behind the fruit and vegetables is still the same. I know. fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives, all stuff still tested on animals. and I feel bad for this. I gained an ulcer when i was working in kennels that hurts me every time I get angry.

why I wrote this note?

not to have compassion from you.ppl often says it's my choice. i do not think so. often are the others to choose to leave the animals in front of my house.without even warning me .

I wrote it because I want you to understand because i am so "angry", unsympathetic with those who still uses animals as food or in any other way. I Have been through a lot and my compassion has increased slowly. but the media were different. I had to experience to become vegan.

internet time provides all the information you want. Friends open your eyes! please! before other animals suffer and die because of you! I feel worse now for the period i was  vegetarian. I didn't know  many things that now are in the network. do not turn the in the other side! if you love animals, love them all equally! all have the same rights! first and foremost the right to live. open your hearts and your minds! change becomes more difficult, but worth it. no more 'guilt! no pain in your plates in your shampoo, toothpaste, medicine.etc.

given a change to your life! GO VEGAN!